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Since its humble beginning more than 75 years ago, Blaser Swisslube now moved to manufacturing state-of-art metalworking fluids for different application for the aerospace, and commercial industries.  Using the Blaser philosophy, new innovation has been put into producing metalworking fluids that are not only stable, high in performance, but also environmental, machine and operator friendly and that meet the international safety standards.  Blaser proposes wide product range that meet all application of todays’ metalworking industry keeping in mind the Blaser advantage for the user.


Blaser’s always evolving research and development program develops formulation that work in synergy with the customers’ need; thus the birth of Cool Liquid Tool® or metalworking fluid which has placed Blaser as the worldwide leader in its field. 


The maintenance, Health and Safety agents will advise you to choose BLASOCUT for the environmental properties, its recycling abilities and for the safety of the Operators.


The industries where we focus are the most critical: AEROSPACE, TRANSPORT, MEDICAL and SPACE.  The following Blaser products most popular in the area we service.  If you need Boeing or Bombardier approved products, you can make your product choice from our approved list that will suit your application.


Water-miscible coolants

Blaser products at a glance – cost-effective coverage of all applications.


Cutting and Grinding oils

Well-balanced range of cutting fluids offering you many advantages.​

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